“The Wedding Story” by Julianne Homokay

October 27, 2011 tnw6


“The Wedding Story” is a play told by a storyteller, bride, and groom. The storyteller is reading a story out of a book to an audience of children. Wanting to tell them a happy love story keeps being interrupted by the bride and groom. They keep correcting him on how the story really goes until he gets fed up. Angry, he tells a horrified comical version of their love story that does not have a happy ending.


The theme of the play is that not everything is perfect. We tend to tell children nothing but happy ending stories, when in reality that’s not always the case. Granted everyone wants to fall in love and have a fairytale life but that’s not reality. Couple’s go through struggles but can still be happy. We have to work hard to achieve what we want and stop thinking everything should be easy. As mush as I wish love could be easy sometimes, it would take away the fight and passion people put into relationships. Knowing that your partner is willing to work and go through struggles just to be with you is amazing. Children need to be told the truth to a certain extent depending on their age so when they do get older they aren’t expecting a fairytale that is always happy and good with nothing bad in it. The reality is, yes fairy tales do exist, but doesn’t mean you don’t have to work to achieve it.


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